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We will continue to provide products that cater to the needs of the times
with the spirit of taking on new challenges that we have embraced since our company was founded. Naoyuki Yazaki, Representative Director

Message from the Representative Director

1962 marked the start of an era of rapid economic growth.

Yazaki began with our founder's attempt at producing plastic teapots at home. For many years, plastic teapots have been a staple alongside ekiben (station bento boxes). Teapots accompanying ekiben used to be made of ceramic.
The challenge to produce teapots made of resin with even better performance to cater to the needs of the times has persisted since the company was founded.

"Nurturing good people and creating good products"

Our corporate philosophy is "nurturing good people and creating good products," which recognizes that people form the foundation of the manufacturing industry and that quality production is not possible without good people. We aim to become a company that can share more happiness and joy with those close to us through our corporate activities.

Creating a healthy and sustainable society

With its lightweight and robust nature, plastic remains an attractive material with massive potential.
At the same time, we are also aware of the high environmental impact of plastic, as can be seen from issues surrounding microplastics and carbon neutrality.
Therefore, we will strive to create a healthy and sustainable society through the improvement of our environmental and production technologies.

Naoyuki Yazaki, Representative Director

Our corporate philosophy

"Nurturing good people and creating good products"

We are committed to
nurturing good people and creating good products.
We will be tolerant of mistakes that result from honest endeavors.
We respect the autonomy and development of individuals.
We strive to provide highly reliable products.

Regardless of how good a machine or technology may be, it has to be mastered by people. We believe that by prioritizing the transformation of the mindset of each and every employee and the establishment of an organizational culture for the entire company, as well as by adhering to our basic philosophy and encouraging progress, we will be able to further develop our company's strengths.

Besides continuing to work tirelessly toward always striving to achieve progress and addressing our weaknesses, we must also cherish our relationships of trust with our customers, consider the kind of needs that currently exist, and provide products that can contribute to the world.

We will continue to take on the challenges of new technologies and sectors as we seek to create new value by forging partnerships with our customers.

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