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Nurturing good people and
creating good products

Yazaki is a parts manufacturer
that possesses extensive experience and
superior technology in plastics
and which specializes in blow molding
and injection molding.

Yazaki's signature products

Outboard motor fuel tank (portable)

Motorcycle fuel tank

Bearing retainers

Multifunction machine toner cartridge

Food containers (lunchbox containers, dessert cups)

Outboard motor silencer

Drawing on 50 years of experience to
shape the next 50 years

The times are always changing, sometimes gradually, and sometimes dramatically.
In Yazaki's history of over 50 years,
we have continued to improve our people and technology
and provide highly reliable plastic products while adapting to changes in the world.

We will continue to draw on the experience
we have accrued over the last 50 years
to adapt effectively to the trends of the times
while nurturing people and creating products
that can contribute to our customers and the environment.

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Yazaki's three "friendlies"


Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

We develop and produce environmentally friendly products that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, including the use of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels.




We forge close relationships with our customers right from the development stage, and we promptly provide them with products after recommending the best approaches while taking into account their desires and preferences.




Quality products cannot be created without good people and positive working environments. We constantly improve our working environment to make it easier for our employees to work.

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PRODUCTSList of Products

Explore Yazaki's core products categorized by their application and technology.

TECHNOLOGYOur Technology & Equipment

Injection Molding

Injection Molding

We cater to the needs of customers with an extensive lineup of molding machines and a wide range of raw materials.

In order to meet our customers' diverse needs, we have achieved high productivity and cost reduction through integrated production using automated production lines that combine molding machines with post-processing operations (e.g., welding, machining, assembly, etc.).

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Blow Molding

Blow Molding

We have been engaged in the production of fuel tanks, a vital safety component, for around 50 years.

We have been engaged in the production of fuel tanks, a vital safety component, since we became the first company in Japan to successfully use blow molding to produce resin fuel tanks, and we have absolute confidence in our quality control. In recent years, we have been actively expanding into new fields while drawing on our technical capabilities and expertise cultivated through the production of fuel tanks.

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Assembly Processing

Assembly Processing

We build integrated assembly lines optimized for each product.

We have an extensive track record of building automated assembly lines that make full use of robots and welding technology to reduce manpower needs and improve productivity.

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Fluorine Gas Surface Treatment

Fluorine Gas Surface Treatment

We seek to amplify the added value of products by imparting special attributes through surface modifications.

Fluorination is known to impart various properties to fuel tanks, including gas barrier properties as well as chemical resistance, weather resistance, lubricating properties, etc.

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