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ABOUTQuality and Cost Made by Equipment

We uphold the slogan of "Quality and Cost Produced by Equipment" and are able to respond to complex product specifications using a variety of assembly and processing equipment. We have a proven track record and extensive knowledge in building automated assembly lines and can provide solutions to all kinds of problems while making improvements and reducing costs.


Yazaki's Assembly Processing

Automated assembly line

01Automated assembly line

Optimal automated assembly lines are built using robots and welding technology to guarantee quality while at the same time reducing labor and costs.

Wide variety of welding technologies

02Wide variety of welding technologies

Various welding technologies, including vibrational welding and ultrasonic welding, are utilized to achieve composite assembly of various parts.

Quality assurance inspection system

03Quality assurance inspection system

Quality assurance using inspection equipment with built-in cameras and sensors is the basis of our process design, aiming for zero outflows of defective products.

Owned Equipment

Alongside a wide variety of welding machines, we have a large number of processing machines, inspection machines, and automatic assembly machines.

Owned Equipment
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