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Yazaki is
Environmentally friendly
Worker Friendly

Yazaki is based in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture, an area which boasts a world-class level of industrial technology. Here it has continued to refine "people" and "technology" for half a century.

Our corporate philosophy is "Good People. Good Products". Through our business, we strive to share happiness and joy with people while actively reducing environmental impact, which has become a major topic in recent years. We are committed to achieving both convenience and safety, as well as maintaining a healthy and sustainable society.

Features of Yazaki

50 Years of Company History

Over 50 Years
50 Years of Company History

Ability to supply fuel tanks, which are important safety components, through quality control

Ability to supply fuel tanks, which are important safety components, through quality control

Environmental regulations (fuel permeation regulations) Compliance

Complying with environmental laws and regulations such as fuel permeation regulation

Capable of handling 50 to 1,000 tons Extensive line-up of molding machines

Extensive lineup of molding machines able to handle 50 to 1,000 tons

Metal substitutes, engineering plastic molding, etc.Efforts to reduce weight and use composite materials.

Introducing initiatives for weight reduction and composite molding, such as metal substitution and designing plastic molding

Utilizing various welding techniques Cost reduction and labor saving through automation

Automating various processes by using welding technology to help reduce labor costs

Broad range of capabilities in resin molding, processing, and assembly

Broad range of capabilities in
resin molding, processing, and assembly

High-cycle molding allows for mass production of food containers

High-cycle molding allows for
mass production of food containers

Yazaki's commitment to automation and quality stability

In order to meet the demands of "quality", "quantity" and "cost", we strive to automate the processes of molding, processing and assembly. Except for processes requiring human confirmation, we have completely automated the inspection process, enabling consistent production without human variation, high productivity due to improved efficiency and addressing both labor shortages and cost reduction through manpower reduction.

Fully automated fuel tank production line at Yazaki's USA factory(3:25)

Yazaki's Environmental Protection Activities

Since acquiring the ISO14001 certification in 2000, Yazaki has continued to work towards minimizing environmental impact. Leveraging the advantage of being based in Iwata City, which boasts some of the highest levels of sunlight in the country, we have introduced a solar power generation system in our second factory as a first step towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Solar power generation system installed in our second factory(0:47)


Earth Friendly

01Earth Friendly

At Yazaki, we actively work on being environmentally conscious by installing solar power generation systems to utilize renewable energy and promoting the reuse of waste plastic materials.
We will continue to work together with material trading firms and recycling companies to address environmental issues.

Customer Friendly

02Customer Friendly

Our greatest strength lies in our high level of expertise and extensive experience, which enables us to provide products of exceptional quality.
We work closely with our customers from the development stage, carefully listening to their needs and preferences in order to propose the best possible solutions. With our optimal production system, we guarantee stable supply of our products.

Employee Friendly

03Employee Friendly

Despite the advances in technology and facilities, we strongly believe it is still the people who handle them that make the biggest difference. We value the opinions of our employees and continuously strive to improve their work environment while being flexible in response to changes in lifestyle.
We design our processes to eliminate dangerous work, and automate repetitive tasks to reduce the burden on workers. We will continue to update our working environment to provide both our employees and customers with a sense of security.

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